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Full Stack Blockchain Developer Program

Job Focused Skill Enhancement

  • Industry-ready Skilling
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Web3 Ecosystem Familiarization

Customized Web3 Courses

  • Multiple courses across each discipline.
  • Imparting skill training
  • Counselling

Community Building

  • In-community knowledge transfer
  • Interaction with industry experts
  • Community sourcing of skills

3.0 University is a pioneering academic initiative for creating a comprehensive knowledge ecosystem for Web3 and emerging technologies. We have developed an in-house suite of course offerings for retail, institutional market participants and industry-at-large.

We extend job-ready training for budding professionals and students with interactive and immersive sessions via industry-academia linkage.

Some of the learning methodologies adopted by us are at par with global standards which include and not limited to analysis/discussions/case studies/capstone projects 3.0 University also provides best-in-class course offerings at par with global universities and institutes for its vast network of users / customers.

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    Upgrade your present skilling efforts with Web3 skills in demand.


    Reskill yourself with Web3 skills to relaunch your career in the Web3 ecosystem.


    Choose from a variety of courses customized to suit your skilling needs for a target job role.


    Acquire relevant skills through experience building pedagogy using challenge nodes and live workshops.

    Multiple Ecosystem

    Choose from multiple Web3 ecosystems along with inter-operability mechanisms available.


    Get acquainted with various industry participants to share knowledge and opportunities.

    Industry Linkups

    Vibe with industry professionals to assess the upcoming trends and upskill/reskill accordingly.

    Lifetime Support

    You can check in any time you want - but you can never leave!

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    Learn Web3 and Emerging Technologies with our Courses and Training – Success starts here


    Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.

    Learn Web3 and Emerging Technologies with our Courses and Training – Success starts here


    Pranav Nanekar
    This was truly a Masterclass. Many of my friends were trading cryptos. And I did not even understand what this market was. Their programme has given me, a person with no prior tech experience, a solid understanding of the wider ecosystem. Concepts of this new field altogether were explained in easy to grasp format. I learnt a new skill.​

    Pranav Nanekar​

    Preksha Jain
    Extended to me a competitive advantage. Their programme not only got me job ready and prepared me for exploring career enhancement opportunities but they went one-step more. Their specially trained counsellor even got me interview ready with guidance on what companies expect, how to address questions. Worth its weight in gold, no actually in BTC.​

    Preksha Jain

    Sehal Jain
    I have been trading in all asset classes for the past 5 years. A new digital asset class has emerged and I witnessed the market peak. Their programme given me an opportunity to explore this new market with complete knowledge on its working so I can take informed decisions.​

    Sehal Jain