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About 3.0 University

At 3.0 University, we understand that the digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and therefore, skilling, re-skilling, and upskilling are imperative to avoiding obsolescence. Recognizing this, we have established ourselves as an empowering academic initiative dedicated to creating a comprehensive knowledge ecosystem for Web 3.0 and emerging technologies.

3.0 University is a Pioneering Digital University - Licensed by Wyoming Department of Education, USA - driving the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies. We understand that the quality of education depends on the source. Thus, we bring the best global trainers to help students navigate the information-dense World Wide Web. Out of every 100 students, only 20% shine; out of those 20%, only 1% become trailblazers. With 3.0 University, students can be a part of the 20% and eventually transform themselves into the standout 1%.

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Why 3.0 University

The "Academy by Plato" made Athens the Greek city of learning and technology. Similarly, in the east, there was "Takshashila", where Chanakya invested in making medieval India the heaven of higher education and pioneering technologies. It has always been a ball game between the West and East, and with Web 2.0, the West had initiated its first move. Now, with the advent of Web 3.0, the ball happens to sway in the court of the lands of Takshashila, and it's our responsibility to take the ball and run with it!

We want to extend our best hand to the generation with high aspirations and higher appreciation for future technology through our best-in-the-sector learning and skills development programs in emerging technologies. For instance, we provide hands-on industry-centric practical training regarding Blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, along with the broader bouquet of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and other emerging technologies.

We have developed an in-house suite of courses catering to retail, institutional participants, and the industry at large. The learning methodologies adopted by us, including analysis, discussions, case studies, and capstone projects, adhere to global standards. And thanks to our industry-academia linkage, the offered job-ready training for professionals and students is interactive and immersive. Here’s where 3.0 University stands out.

Empowering Learners

Mindfully Curated Curriculum

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Curated Courses for All Levels

Flexible Training Modes

World-Class LMS

Holistic Career Development

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Professional Certifications – Artificial intelligence, WEB3 & Blockchain, Cybersecurity

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Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Bootcamp, Faculty Development Programs

Internship & Job Placements with leading corporate partners

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    Ravi Sharma

    "Exceptional blockchain courses at 3.0 University! Expert guidance fueled my learning. Grateful for their support."

    Aisha Patel

    "Transformative blockchain education! 3.0 University's experts guided me with precision. A game-changer in my career!"

    Raj Kapoor

    "Top-notch blockchain courses! 3.0 University's experts provided invaluable insights. A truly enriching learning journey."

    Nidhi Gupta

    "Empowering blockchain education at 3.0 University! Expert mentors made complex concepts easy. Extremely satisfied with my learning experience."

    Siddharth Verma

    "Outstanding support from 3.0 University's experts! Their blockchain courses are a must for anyone seeking in-depth knowledge and practical skills."

    Priya Singh

    "Revolutionary blockchain courses! 3.0 University's experts fostered a conducive learning environment. Highly recommend for aspiring blockchain enthusiasts."

    Arjun Reddy

    "Exceptional guidance in blockchain technology! 3.0 University's experts elevated my understanding. Proud to be associated with such a reputable institution."

    Ananya Das

    "Impeccable learning experience! 3.0 University's blockchain courses are enlightening, and the experts' guidance is unparalleled."

    Karthik Menon

    "Highly impressed with 3.0 University's blockchain courses! Expert mentors provided personalized guidance. A fantastic learning venture."

    Neha Sharma

    "3.0 University's blockchain courses exceeded my expectations! Experts' support made the complex concepts digestible. A commendable learning journey!"

    Vikram Singhania

    "Exceptional blockchain education! 3.0 University's experts are industry leaders. Their guidance paved the way for my success in the blockchain realm."

    Diya Mehta

    "Transformative blockchain courses! 3.0 University's expert guidance added immense value. A game-changer for those seeking comprehensive blockchain knowledge."

    Varun Patel

    "Invaluable support from 3.0 University's experts! Their blockchain courses are well-structured, making complex topics accessible. Highly recommend!"

    Anusha Rao

    "Remarkable blockchain education! 3.0 University's experts played a pivotal role in my understanding. Grateful for the enriching learning experience."

    Rishi Verma

    "Exceptional mentorship at 3.0 University! Their blockchain courses are a goldmine of knowledge. Expert guidance accelerated my learning curve."


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