About 3.0 University

At 3.0 University, we understand that the digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and therefore skilling, re-skilling, and upskilling is imperative to avoiding obsolescence. Recognising this, we have established ourselves as an empowering academic initiative dedicated to empower individuals with the skills necessary to excel in domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, WEB3 & Blockchain, Metaverse, Digital Assets, and other emerging technologies.


Invisible Trails - How Hackers Can Track Devices And Invade Privacy

Hacking Sights, Voice and Chats

Multiverse of Cybercrimes, Starring ChatGPT & Dark Web


Create Decentralized Bank Using Ethereum Blockchain

Discover how to construct a decentralized bank leveraging the Ethereum blockchain in our masterclass. Dive into smart contract development, decentralized finance (DeFi) fundamentals, and robust transaction security. Gain insights into fostering financial autonomy for individuals through innovative blockchain solutions.

Create Your Own Token Using Ethereum Blockchain

Embark on creating your own token using the Ethereum blockchain in our masterclass. Explore token creation, smart contract deployment, and decentralized finance (DeFi) integration. Empower yourself with the ability to innovate and tokenize assets on a secure and decentralized platform.