Cyber Security Salary in India 2024

Let’s now explore the likely salaries for both freshers and experienced professionals in the field of cybersecurity in India in 2024. This also becomes as much essential to talk about cybersecurity positions and promotions.

Allow me to acquaint you with the rapidly expanding field of cyber security in India, where job opportunities are abundant and salary fulfilment tends to be very high. The high frequency of cyber threats has resulted in companies prioritising the recruitment of cybersecurity personnel in current-era organisations.

Whether you are a fresh entrant into this developing field, or as they say “freshers” or have practised for a few years and are seeking a new post or a promotion – as they call them “professionals”, it is crucial to think of the issue of pay.

This article will provide readers with detailed information about the salary in India’s cybersecurity industry in 2024. The cybersecurity sphere is a speedily developing landscape today.

Are you looking for a demanding yet fulfilling job?

This might just be the right field for you to venture into!

Here’s what the estimates state!

Without a doubt – The need for people working in the cybersecurity field has gone through the roof. The prediction then was that the cybersecurity field would see over 1 million vacancies by 2023. Hitherto only 400,000 cybersecurity specialists would be able to fill these positions effectively.

Hey all, let me tell you something! Cybersecurity is hot right now. It is a rollercoaster! Constantly moving through an up-and-down cycle of challenges and opportunities. 

Here are some astonishing facts to ponder.

That was for 2023, and if you still did not get wet, hold your breath for a 20% growth rate in 2025.

Prepare yourself: These numbers are truly astounding! Fasten your seatbelts because this career is all about fun and adventure, and it even provides a median income of $81,000.

Cybersecurity, as a disciplinary field, is constantly developing, and its popularity increases year by year.

Well, what do we have to say about jobs specifically?

Hey folks, before we get into the specifics of cybersecurity careers, let us introduce you to this phenomenon that is expanding and skyrocketing every day.

Perhaps some might be or are not aware that hackers are always on the constant prowl for new victims to prey on. This is alarming given that they occur every 39 seconds, resulting in a staggering 2,244 attacks per day.

The following information was obtained from the University of Maryland. Don’t let your guard down and be ready for new threats and challenges!

Now let us just go deeper into this and see for ourselves how any unscrupulous person can easily gain entry into any digital network.

Oh no, it appears that we have a cyberattack on our hands now! Most astoundingly, myriad businesses have been on the receiving end of cyber threats.

Resultantly, this has led to the loss of critical business information, monetary losses, and consumers’ loss of confidence in the particular organization.

To avoid those nasty intrusions, we always ensure we have our reliable cybersecurity provisions handy. Hey there! Cybersecurity is just the process of protecting computers and networks from possible cyber threats.

This is similar to having a superhero protect your digital territory. Pretty cool, right? Well, folks, better brace yourselves because the attacks are about to rise steeply!

Experts predict a threefold increase in these stealthy attacks due to the staggering pace of data growth on the digital front.

Get ready to navigate through the unknown landscape of cybersecurity!

Naturally enough, you can predict that, as more and more companies develop a burning need for cyber security specialists to guard their valuable data, the field is going to expand rapidly.

Although there is a shortage of workers in the cyber security sector, the potential for career growth is substantial!

From here, we are going to explore the infinite possibilities of the cybersecurity industry and teach you how to get a job in it. [1]

Cyber Security Salary in India 2024: Know Your Worth (Fresher & Experienced)

Here’s an analysis, as detailed below:

Cyber Security Salary For Freshers

What’s more critical than ever before? Perceptibly, to emphasize the importance of cyber security in today’s world, which is constantly evolving.

What’s more remarkable!

Being cognizant, experts have stated that the possibility of cyberattacks, and data breaches necessitate significant expenditure on the part of organizations to safeguard their digital assets, thereby creating the need for cybersecurity specialists.

Starting a cybersecurity job is always satisfying, which is why the title by Rebecca Herzig, ‘Cybersecurity is Everywhere: So Is My Job’ (Herzig, 2018), is quite fitting.

It helps those who wish to further their studies in this area get well-paying wages once they graduate.

The Indian turf appears to be more promising!

The starting salary package here, for a newbie entering the cyber security field, varies between INR 4 and 6 lakhs per annum.

As such, it is important to note that this figure can also vary depending on the educational degree, certification, and even the city in which the individual works.

Now, allow me to be a little more specific.

The checkout demonstrates that in India, the average salary for a cyber security specialist is about INR 5 lakh.

At the initial level, especially after getting the Tesco Clubcard, you will be able to get more than 37,000 – 40,000 INR per month. Not bad, right?

In 2017, the estimated value of the cyber security market in India was USD 4. XYZ billion.

As it is estimated to be USD 70 billion in 2024, it is predicted to increase whoppingly. According to a Statista analysis of the above demographic information, the figures will be 90 billion by 2029.

Cyber Security Salary For experienced Professionals

For those with a higher level of experience, the pay scale increases accordingly.

An individual with exactly or less than 3 years of experience in the field of cyber security, or more than 5 years but less than 3 years, can expect to earn between INR 8 lakhs and INR 12 lakhs per annum, depending on their experience level.

Specifically, for those who have been practising the profession for over a decade, one could earn above INR 20 lakhs per annum, as well as some important positions such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

 Our next article will highlight the factors that affect cybersecurity salaries, so keep reading.

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