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Hacking Sight , Voice and Chats : Do you know who is hearing , seeing or reading your messages?

Earn Money by reporting a Crime
Be a Rich Cyber Bodyguard

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Unveil hidden threats in daily digital life and learn who might invade your privacy. This session offers a pathway to turn insight into action and profit. Discover how to spot and report cybercrimes. Become a key player in ensuring digital safety while earning rewards. Embrace the role of a Cyber Bodyguard - protect the digital space. Potentially forge a lucrative career in Cybersecurity.

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    Know Your Speakers :

    Deepika Singh

    Chief Cyber Officer, DeepCytes Cyber Labs UK, Ex - Chief Minister's Fellow, Alumni Stanford University

    Hitesh Sharma

    Chief Technical Architect, DeepCytes Cyber Labs UK Operating System and Linux Expert Github Mentor

    MASTERCLASS - 5thApril

    Invisible Trails - How Hackers Can Track Devices And Invade Privacy

    Spam Clicks, Spyware and Safety.
    In the digital era, privacy and exposure blur with a click, enabling hackers to track devices and access cameras and microphones. Join us for a session uncovering online tracking secrets, highlighting its impact on personal and professional privacy. Learn how to safeguard your digital presence against unauthorized infiltration.